The evolving needs of a modern business requires more efficient and cost-effective communication solutions. We can help you with yours..

We know all businesses aren’t alike so we creat a custom design for your business.

We analyse you most frequently dialed calls and cater best to your calling requirements. Calling overseas often? We can find a provider who will offer you the lowest cost plan to meet your needs.

Our quality products provide you with an easy transition from your exisiting phone system to a new, advanced, simple to use phone system.

Yealink phone boast LED screens which can be branded with your business logo, making your business cutting edge from the rest.

Our hardware is easily intergrated with Mac Computers. Just open your address book and click on the contact numbers and the system calls for you, no dialing even required!

Epygi provides an IDEAL portfolio of IP PBX appliances. Starting with the QX20, great for very small offices, and wrapping-up with the QX3000, our enterprise IP PBX, Epygi has a solution for almost every communications need.

Do you pay a monthly fee for waiting customers who are on hold? The Yealink system allows you to customise your ‘on hold’ message allowing you to elimate costly plans.

Have you ever left the office and wonder if you missed an important phone call? With our system you can receive all of your important voice messages via email.

Our systems are completely scalable. Catering to all busineses, large or small, we have the system for you. Call us today for more information.